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國家簡介 - 多米尼克

  • 位於加勒比海的島國

  • 1978年從不列顛獲得獨立

  • 貨幣為東加勒比元

  • 經濟主要以農業和旅游業為基礎

  • 人口總數為 69,625

  • 英語官方語言

  • 國土面積為 290 平方英裡(751 平方公裡)

  • 被稱作“加勒比海的自然島”

Dominica – Citizenship by Investment Program

1. Legal Basis


Dominica Citizenship Investment Act was promulgated in 1993. According to Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act, if an investor makes contribution to the country’s economy, he/she together with his/her dependents will be granted citizenship and passports of Dominica, and thereafter enjoy the same rights to live and work in the country as the local citizens.


The applicant may apply together with the following dependents:


  • Spouse;

  • Children aged under 18 and unmarried children aged 18 - 28 who are receiving education from a college and fully supported by the main applicant;

  • Parents and grandparents aged 55 and over of the applicant and his/her spouse.


2. Requirements


To qualify for the Citizenship by Investment Program, the applicant shall:


  • be at least 18 years old;

  • have no criminal records;

  • have passed the due diligence check conducted by the Government of Dominica;

  • be healthy; and

  • have completed the required investment.


3. Investment Options


Investors can choose one of the following investment options:


(1) Real Estate Option


The applicant shall invest in an approved real estate project with the purchase consideration of not less than USD200,000 and hold the real estate for at least 3 years.


The following government fees are payable in relation to applications through investments in approved real estate projects: (effective on 1st September 2017)


  • Applicant: USD50,000 USD25,000

  • Spouse: USD25,000

  • Children under 18 years old: USD20,000 each

  • Children between the age of 18 to 28 years: USD50,000 each

  • Parents and grand-parents aged over 55 years: USD50,000 each

  • Applicant and spouse: USD35,000

  • Applicant and up to 3 dependants: USD35,000

  • Applicant and up to 5 dependants: USD50,000

  • Applicant and at least 6 dependants: USD70,000


In addition, certain taxes and other costs shall be payable upon the applicant’s investment in a real estate project. The investment can be re-sold 3 years after the date of investment and may be eligible for re-sale under the Citizenship by Investment Program 5 years after the date of investment.


(2) Donation Option


The applicant shall donate to the Government Fund of Dominica as follow:


  • Individual application: USD100,000

  • Family application:


- Applicant and spouse: USD175,000

- Applicant with up to three dependents (i.e. Applicant

plus spouse and two children below the age of 18): USD200,000

- Each additional dependent: USD 50,000 USD 25,000


4.  Other Government Fees


Besides government fees payable in the real estate option, the following fees are payable to the Government of Dominica for each application under the Citizenship by Investment Program (All Options):


(1) Due Diligence Fee:


  • Applicant: USD7,500

  • Spouse: USD7,500

  • Children aged 16 years and above: USD4,000 each

  • Parents and Grandparents over the age of 65: USD4,000 each


(2) Processing fee: USD3,000 per application


(3) Fee for certificate of naturalization: USD 750 each


(4) Passport issue fee: USD 1,200 each


5.  Procedures and schedules


The documents and information requirements of the Citizenship by Investment Program of Dominica are quite reasonable and application procedures are very straight forward, no interview is required. Applications through the donation route can be approved in 3 to 6 months. However, applications through the real estate route can take 4 to 8 months before approval is obtained because the real estate route involves purchasing properties, which requires more paperwork. In addition, most investors would usually visit the country first before deciding to purchase real estates, and thus more the processing time is required.



6. Advantages of Dominica citizenship


a. Low investment amount: donation can be as low as US$100,000; 

b. Short processing time: passports can be issued 3-6 months after submission the application;

c. Low entry requirements: no language, education, funding and business experiences are required;

d. One application for migration of up to four generations: the applicant together with his/her spouse, their children and parents and grandparents can obtain citizenship and passports of Dominica through one application;

e. No landing or residency requirements: the applicant and his/her dependents are not required to land or reside in Dominica for obtaining the citizenship and passports of Dominica;

f. Visa free/ Visa on arrival in more than 140 countries: successful applicants and their dependents can enjoy visa free/visa on arrival in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong;

g. Low tax regimes: there is no exchange controls, personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax or inheritance tax in Dominica. Citizens of Dominica are not required to pay tax on their income, interest, gifts, assets and inheritances obtained overseas;

h. Multiple citizenships allowed: dual and multiple citizenships are legally recognized in Dominica.




Note: This document is for reference only, all terms are subject to written contract.


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